Toilet Bomb x 2

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Made in Australia by Urthly Organics

Size: 2 tablets

Clean you toilet the natural way. Septic and compost safe.

A zero waste, natural toilet cleaner.

This natural toilet cleaner uses sodium bicarbonate, citric acid & eucalyptus and orange essential oils leaving your toilet clean & fresh smelling without using chemicals.

To clean your toilet, drop a bomb into the bowl, let dissolve then scrub around with toilet brush. If you have light scale build up add 2 or 3 bombs and sit overnight.

Recommended use every couple of days to once per week depending on your household.

Vegan friendly.

Good for people, good for the planet. 


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid and essential oil (eucalyptus, orange and thyme).

Certified palm free by Orangutan Alliance and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations