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Made in Australia

100% Pure and Natural

A gorgeous combination to relieve stress and anxiety and help you totally relax, calming your body, mind and spirit.

Cerate a totally relaxing atmosphere by misting the delightful Nina Bailey Relax Essential Oil Room Spray around your home.

Soak in a bath using The Physic Garden Relax Bath Soak Salts.

Then continue to be totally calm and relaxed by applying some of the Nina Bailey Relax Perfume Oil on our pores.

The calming properties of of rose, geranium, lavender and chamomile essential oils will make you fee totally at ease.

Good for people, good for the planet.


Rose Geranium, Lavender, Cold Pressed Orange, Chamomile, Sandalwood, Sea salt, Murray River salt, epsom salt, organic rose petals, organic passionflower, geranium essential oil.

Gift box packaging available.